The Jager is Born!!

So in effort to separate my son from the xbox,playstation,ipod…… I decided to ask him if he wanted to build a 3D printer. I have been playing around with 3d printers for the last few years and found it to be a hobby that interests me. My son enjoys playing with robots and is constantly asking to “tinker” in the garage, so instead of building one of many on the open market, I chose to design one from scratch. 
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Aarons setup

So I stopped by Aarons today to see the workstation he’d setup. Looks pretty good. Both of us are pretty happy with how the builds are working out. We both have young boys so the enthusiasm towards the machines never seems to stop. Every time without fail there seems to be a new toy gun or superhero to print. Aarons making a second set of hot ends so we can start playing around with dedicated support extruders.


Auto Calibration Getting Closer

Tonight I had a chance to setup a probing routine to probe the towers and test the functionality myself and others have been talking about with machinekit. Over the weekend I made a small change to the kinematics code of machinekit to allow the system to adjust joint offsets on the fly. This will allow us to probe the tower heights and automatically adjust the offsets to align the X-Y planes with the print bed. Here’s a quick video showing the progress.